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The Freedom Pro Baseball League is always on the move constantly improving the league as we  build towards the 2016 season with many exciting things to come. The Freedom Pro Baseball League generated many positive experiences for players, fans, and the communities in which the teams played. It also created job opportunities and brought in revenues for the stadiums, cites, local vendors, and the important business sponsors of the Freedom Pro Baseball League. Cities also received important funds through tax revenues directly through the generosity of our fans, the player’s families, and surrounding businesses.The 2016 season promises to be exciting and full of fun for the entire family and our ever increasing fan base. Stay tuned as the league will be releasing new exciting news for the 2016 season.  Over 300 players have signed their first pro contract and played in the top baseball stadiums in the country in the Freedom Pro Baseball League.


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 IMPORTANT NOTICE              The Freedom Pro Baseball League is not associated with Michael King or the Carolina Winter League.  One of the league domain names is linked to the Carolina Winter League by Michael King who is no longer affiliated with the Freedom Pro Baseball League.